Fall in Charleston


The perks of visiting Charleston in the off season

Fall is a great time to visit Charleston. Spring draws the crowds and summer brings the heat and humidity. But in fall you can find deals on hotels, the weather is milder, and you may even have the beach to yourself.

Charleston gardens in the fall

Charleston gardens are beautiful any time of the year, but the bright yellow Cassia blossoms are a favorite of mine.

Charleston vacation tips: visiting in the off-season

The best way to see Charleston’s historic district is by foot. Walk down Tradd Street in the afternoon to see the golden light reflect on 18th-century houses.

Historic graveyards in Charleston

The Unitarian Church in Charleston has a historic cemetery that’s open to visitors during the day. The cemetery is kept in a natural state,¬†with wildflowers, vines, and trees draped with Spanish moss. The church dates from the Revolutionary War period and is the oldest Unitarian church in the south.

Halloween in Charleston

Charlestonians get really into the spirit of Halloween.

Halloween in Charleston

Don’t miss the house with the witch’s hat on Meeting Street!

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