Camellias at Middleton Place

The 18th century gardens at Middleton Place have outlived all the buildings surrounding them. They were designed in a classical, formal style similar to the Louis XIV’s Palace of Versailles (although on a much smaller scale), and consist of vistas and allées within a larger geometric design.

Middleton Place’s gardens have some of the first camellias planted in North America, added a few years after the Revolutionary War. Camellias are slow-growing plants and thrive in the acidic, sandy soil of the Lowcountry.

Middleton Place has an estimated 4,000 camellias, including several rare varieties.

Best time to see camellias in bloom: Mid-November- early March, Middleton Place’s website has a list of what’s currently in bloom.

Getting there: Middleton Place is a 16-mile drive from downtown Charleston via Highway 61.

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